Gloves come in only a few sizes while people’s hands come in an infinite

number of shapes and configurations. We can help you get a best fit for a glove.

Take a look at these tips and get your gloves to fit well, like a glove, the first time.


Some sizes are indicated by number and others by letters standing for small,

medium, large, etc. Depending on the brand, we indicate the size of a pair of

gloves both ways. Use the table below to translate between “letter sizes”

and “number sizes”.



Measure the width of your hand from the base of your first

finger and across your knuckles.

5/2XS 50 mm / 2 inches

6/XS 63 mm / 2.5 inches

7/S 75 mm / 3 inches

8/M 88 mm / 3.5 inches

9/L 101 mm / 4 inches

10/XL 113 mm / 4.5 inches

11/2XL 126 mm / 5 inches

12/3XL 140 mm / 5.5 inches



Concentrate on the length data as the primary glove sizing over width.

Hand length is more important because you don’t want glove fingers that are too

long. If you have a heavy, muscular hand, using width can push you up a size,

and the fingers may be too long, causing a loss in dexterity.

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