Give your practice the ability to grow, and improve your bottom line.

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E-Commerce Support

Our graphic specialists create stunning product shots from every angle imaginable, making products stick out instead of just blending in.

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Direct Import Program

One-stop marketing and creative solution specializing in direct importing for our customers and retail partners.

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Retail ready program

Our branded displays allow you to maximize floor space. We also put your needs first by offering customized planograms and retail-ready packaging.

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We understand that entering a new market with a new product (or working with a new supplier) is a risk. For that very reason, leading distributors and manufacturers depend on our private label programs to extend their offerings and add value to their customers.

Our expertise and capabilities in product research & development, procurement, logistics, and technology make line extensions feasible and cost-effective for our customers.

Our private label program gives customers significant advantages:

  • Doing business with an experienced and trusted global supplier
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Quick turnaround times 
  • An cost-effective way to expand your product portfolio

Our Custom Logo Solutions includes Heat transfer and Screen Printing. Our in-house heat transfer and screen printing set-ups enable us to have a full control over quality and provide the least turnaround time possible to our customers.

Getting started is easy! Contact us today to learn how a private label program can ramp up your profits and improve your bottom line.

E-Commerce Support

Bhutta Industries has lead the charge in the evolution of e-commerce. We work with our clients to create beautiful customer experiences across a broad array of online go to market solutions.

Our team specializes in product photography. Using our cutting edge, in-house photography lab we are able to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing. With 360 degree photos and interactive media, we are able to guide the customer through the purchase funnel. We help them every step of the way until they are ready to checkout.

Direct Import Program

Bhutta Industries, with its infrastructure in place, is a global solution provider with a rich heritage in global sourcing and logistics. We receive thousands of inbound containers every year with hundreds of direct imports for customers.

Bhutta Industries partners with manufacturers in 4 countries across the globe along with fully owned manufacturing facilities in Pakistan dedicated to our leather products line, to deliver the best products to the market with on-time delivery and consistent quality. 

Why do Industrial customers rely on our global supply chain solutions?

  • Managed supply chain delivery risk with primary, secondary, and third-tier factories
  • Direct import capabilities-from the dock to your door
  • First class logistics services on each step from customs clearance to delivery to your location.
  • VIP status with steam lines and freight forwarders
  • Sophisticated sales and operational planning processes

Price Negotiation

Since you're not buying locally from us in United States, you'll be quoted FOB & CIF pricing from our factories which leaves no room for importer or middleman markups providing you more control over prices. We provide our customers lowest possible prices based on our relationship with the customer and order size. We handle all Letter of Credit, Wire transfers or Telex funds. (Please note that in most cases all receivables will be paid directly to Bhutta Industries, and not the factory directly.)

Quality Control

All of the factories we partner with are ISO 9001 Certified and our Quality assurance department streamlines production and helps to ensure that the final products meet your company’s quality criteria. It ensures that the processes used to design, test, and produce products will be done with zero defects. We will guarantee that all goods are inspected and production samples will be sent out to the buyer before the shipment leaves the origin port.


We understand the import hurdles but thats what our logistics specialists do. Our logistics department will handle international customs and logistics to provide you the best customer service possible throughout until the order completion.

Retail ready program


Our retail ready program driven from personalized customer service experience, you receive the tailored support you require to maximize sales with the right product on a right display.

Bhutta® offers display talkers in a variety of sizes and options (Shelf talkers, basket talkers, peg talkers) that are designed to be flexible and versatile so that they can be used throughout a variety of different areas of your store and enhances the experience of your customers while making it easier than ever for employees and managers to frequently organize their product displays.


We have a variety of display talker dimensions. If you’re wondering how to make display talkers you can simply add one of our many sizes of display talker sign holders and print your sign insert for free at your store.

Powerful Product Labels


Point of purchase displays are some of the most important displays in any retail store for your fast-moving inventory. Bhutta® offers gondola display, peg boards, slat walls and dump bins as an effort to support our distributors and retailers to boost their impulse sales.


Bhutta® can customize your slat wall, gondola display, peg boards or dump bins to showcase your key products. We have a expertise to work out a customized planogram based on how you anticipate customers are going to explore the store and placing top selling items to draw your walk-in traffic to your point-of-purchase displays to maximize sales and space.

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